Life Changing Art

How many works of art have you seen? Moreover, how many have changed your life?  

Although there's a certain form of banality when you say that art can change lives, our "busyness" precludes us from thinking about this on a day to day manner. To borrow from and to somewhat eviscerate Heidegger, we are caught up in each of our own "average everydayness". (Spell checker dun like this one... :) )

If you believe in "the breakout", you'll know how much this average everydayness tend to creep up from behind us, even before we have managed to take off. It's tantamount to having our wings clipped or our spirits imprisoned in a dark orb of hopelessness. 

Time to get down and dirty: money is the game changer, next to talent. It can help people achieve that propitious moment of realization that ironically does not lend itself in its absence. 

I believe that everybody wants to live life like Bill Gates. Build, dominate, then throw in the towel and give it all away. To him and his competitors, that's the ultimate moment of triumph. "You want it so bad? Here, take it. FTW"  

But what does art and money have to do with each other? Therein lies the conundrum that beset most of us. Ideally, these two are mutually exclusive. It is only modern society that has managed to create this illusion of non-exclusivity between the two. 

Art for art's sake as a concept, at least in my world, has now been relegated to the toilet bowl. For immediate flushing. 

It wasn't always like this for me, but the demands and the strange preoccupation of my environment with the subject matter of money, money, money, is taking its toll on me, greatly. 

I guess that comes with age, life just beats you black and blue til you tap the floor in agonizing pain. Me, I'm still in that headlock, barely breathing. 

I just think. 

Here comes the nutcracker.'s logo design contest with a pot of $10,000 USD is somewhat of a boost of energy for me that could get me out of that headlock by the beast called life. 

I've decided to put some of them here only for my appreciation and maybe to your consternation. The people who make the ratings astound me to no end, so I will not belabor myself with any form of rationality when it comes to their preferences. You'll understand later on:

Actually, my latest entry, I've decided to try to appeal
to's Australian staff's er American nationalism.

My kid gave this 5 stars, but I only got 1

Apparently, I didn't choose a cat that's cute enough. 1 star from Yeah, yeah, I know...

Took me 20 minutes to make this, but for some reason,
they gave it three stars. Don't ask me why. Maybe they like

Quadruple entendre. 1 star... 

A tinge of desperation on my part. 

After desperation, comes beer. 1 star too. 2 hours to make... yes,
All of those bubbles have been painstakingly created one by one.

Remember Nelson? Bart Simpson's friend?

Some inspiration. Thought that I could appeal to their
political nerdiness. But still no go. 2 stars...

Bart Simpson rules.

For some astounding reason. This 5 minute work got 3 stars.

Still waiting for the ratings. Gotta give credit to
Bram Cohen for making the Internet more interesting.

Yeah, I like this. Still waiting for rating.

Now, 22 hours are left til awards somebody with $10,000.00. There are a lot of good entries out there, but I'll leave it up to you to check them out yourself. I've given up trying to pick the brains of the anonymous guys over at who make the decision on who will win. Let's just say that we have different preferences. 

But should the stars all align in my favor, any one of these babies could indeed change my life.