The Cure for Blog Addiction

People say that blogs are passe, that they're things from the past and that social networking is the new deal. But I personally don't believe that. I think that blogs will be a permanent fixture on the Internet until such time that people invent mental telepathy.

The Mind and the Brain: Neuroplasticity and the Power of Mental Force

The core of blogging are people's thoughts. Sometimes, we tend to get caught up in the doldrums of normal every day life that we seek out something fresh, we seek out distraction and essentially, we seek out other people's thoughts. It somehow affirms our own sanity to know that there are others who think like us, others who differ from us and others who are just plain and simple, insane.

Before blogs and books were invented, there was no way for people to "read" people's minds. Social interaction was confined to verbal communication, social actions, gestures, body language and overt behavior.

In a way, this is good. People evolved norms, conventions and behavior that somewhat imposes a sense of order and sanity to an irrational universe.

People played games with each other literally and figuratively to somehow see how a person would behave given a special circumstance. This is most practically noted in social games like golf and poker.

Bicycle Tragic Royalty Playing Cards

Now we have blogs and social media. All of which are very potent instruments in determining a lot of things about a previously unknown individual. Don't be surprised to know that intelligence and law enforcement agencies use these as one of the most essential tools for information gathering.

The Perfect Example


The homie's wall post.
What sets blogs apart from status updates is length. There's no character limit and no social constraints that is inherent in every facebook update or twitter tweet.

Your grandmother would most likely not read your blog but will read your status update on facebook.

Willow Tree With My Grandmother Figurine, Susan Lordi 26244

This freedom keeps old school bloggers like me to become addicted to it. There's not a day or a week that goes by when the urge to blog doesn't lend present itself in a nagging way. For us, twitter, facebook, google+ are just promotional medium.

They're like the product hand outs in the groceries.

The blog is and would always be the real thing.

So what's the cure for blog addiction?