Free Seminar on Web Development

I love free seminars! 

That's one of the advantages of living near the city that I think should be brought more to the underprivileged areas here in the Philippines. That's actually a part of my vision for resort ville. Inviting guest speakers who could teach their knowledge to the children here, could inspire them to look forward to a promising future. 

Anyway, this web development seminar is located at the very heart of congested Metro Manila. I'll post the details verbatim:


No fees. No mininum purchases. Open to all. Limited seats. No registration required. No certificate will be issued. 
FREE Coffee/Water by True Rated PC (bugsgunny / johnryorense)

July 23 (Saturday) :

11:00 am - 6:00 pm - Web Development - by the Pinoy Web Dev 

  1. Web Design Concepts and Principles - Dave Bryan Mercado aka anasazi
  2. Slicing PSD to HTML/CSS - John Michael Sales aka neojohan
  3. Cpanel Tutorial, and WordPress Customization Techniques - Rhomeo P. Hildawa Jr. aka _unbreakable69_
  4. Joomla Development (from 1.5 to 1.7) and Basic Security - Kenneth Estanislao aka QYUTdotCOM
  5. Social Media Integration - David Ralph Lleno aka SirDavid
Venue :

Activity area Techmarket 2011
Building 1 Eton Cyberpod E-life

Go here to check out the vicinity map.

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