Google Plus Is Us

Not just you, or me or him. It's about everybody's story and everybody's dream. 

Who am I? Nobody, but now I've made it a point to tell your story rather than just mine. 

What is Google Plus really about? 
  • It should not just be about web icons and personalities, but it is becoming like that. 
The thing is, they have the right to do whatever they want to do and talking about them just makes them more popular even if what they did was ethically controversial
  • Conversations. Talking with rather than talking at people.
  • Equality and Respect. Don't you love these two words? It's quite simple really, yet pristinely marvelous that we miss it.
In Google Plus Hangouts, everybody can talk and be heard. It's not a vodcast, or a webinar or a stream of a big raving social media guy - everyone can speak
  • A chance for the little girl or guy. Rebecca Black, love her, hate her, it's her moment. When is your moment? Anytime you want. Take it. Everybody can take theirs.
  • Should not be elitist. If it is going to be like that, then it will be a social network only for the elites.   

It's our turn. As much as we love you oh dear A-listers, you've been here far longer than any of us - and that's exactly the point. We're happy that you have made a lot of money out of our sharing and consumption and glad that you are now social media successes and legends. 

Your very farts and cutesy facial expressions are truly remarkable. 

I think, it's great that you have been making cash out of the Internet for more than 10 years now, but it's time that you made way for the little guys who are charting their own paths and making their way to their own dreams and destinies. 

You are privileged. 

To be in a position of advantage means that you can raise up the little girls and guys faster than they can do so themselves. We're sure that you're going to live up to your legend and make way for the next generation. 


There's plenty of room for everyone so smile :)

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