Hangouts ARE Video Hashtags

Marjorie Clayman, a friend I met on twitter inspired me to write this blog post. She was expressing her skepticism about Google Plus being a game changer and I thought about what could convince her to think otherwise. 

Then it hit me like a flying +1 sign that hit facebook on the head.

The earliest time I remembered conversing with you Margie was at #blogchat founded by Mack Collier

Then it hit me again. 

#blogchat + Google Plus Hangouts = Video hashtags / Video #blogchat

I emailed, and hopefully did not annoy, a developer who may have some knowledge about this, and as of this writing, I'm still awaiting for his response. 

Think about it, a video chat room. 

Now, I'm not a programmer so I don't know how the heck this would work out. But among the features I'm thinking about is being able to broadcast the stream of a public hangout to the general public. (Sorry about the redundancy.

On to the next level, I'm thinking about integrating such a stream with

It's like a directory of hangouts, ala old school public chat room type where anyone could listen and then join in on the conversation.  

Somewhere out there is a developer doing this and making this a reality. I'm not a programmer nor am I very comfortable in broadcasting what I do on an hourly basis, so I'm floating the idea out in the open in the hopes that someone may like it and collaborate. 

Mack Collier's vision of having #blogchat 's was great because it brought back the "public" to the fora. It means, dan nobody like me can be heard just as much as everybody else. Everybody is an equal. 

Engagement is set on a new level. 

Having emailed Margie before I published this post, she expressed cautious optimism about the prospects of it, particularly for #tweetdiner. 

I think this is exactly the intention of Google, however there is a minor problem - only 10 people could join in a hangout, for now. I'll give an update if there are further developments.