Good Morning Adsense!

The day started with the dark clouds of a typhoon passing on the horizon. The news agencies declared signal number 4 in the Cagayan provinces - which really is an overemphasis on their part because we normally only have up to signal number 3. My prayers go out to those in the Philippines who would be affected by this typhoon. As I write, hurricane "Irene" is also set to traverse the Eastern part of the United States. Stay safe my friends.


I got this in email today and I really can't hold back my joy so I'm blogging about it:

My first Adsense 

There's a saying that you shouldn't talk about money that isn't there yet, because you'll jinx it. But I believe that the very achievement of knowing that you made it nonetheless is worth sharing with others.

Truly, I am deeply honored and thankful for all of you readers out there who read my blog even though the template is downright fugly.

I would not have achieved this without you.

I haven't gotten the check yet and have actually forwarded it to my mother's address, so stay tuned, I just might post a picture of myself holding a silly old Adsense check. 

Being an Adsense blogger is not as easy as the people selling those ebooks are saying. It's downright disheartening to be sure. It's far more lucrative to actually just sell webinars or seminars about "nothing really special" for $47 bucks a pop, than to research, write, find a royalty free picture, edit it, upload it and then post the blog post on multiple social networks. 

Cliche of the Day: It's The Journey, Not The Destination
The income I would be getting from this came with 4 years of blogging and over 1,000 unique and original blog posts. There were times when I gave up specially because of the numbers but like a nearly dead soldier with 500 bullet holes in my body - but still miraculously alive, I managed to crawl my way inch by inch to the finish line. I'm on the last leg of the first phase of this journey. 

Shared Success
My qualm about most successful bloggers (shammers) who claim to earn 5 digit incomes on a daily basis (like that's even possible...) is that if they're really earning that much money - why don't they share it to the people who made it possible for them? I mean even 1% of that 5 digit income would make one of their readers happy right? Instead they prattle on and sell more to people.  

I want to make my approach different. 

My Success is Your Success 
Like I said, none of my success is possible without you, dear reader. That's why I'm coming up with a plan to share my success and grow the community at the same time. Stay tuned as I devise a way for all of us to derive value from each other in a sustainable and mutually beneficial way. 

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