I WON!!!!!!!!!

Beep! Beep! Beep!
UPDATE: There are "winning fees" in Prizes.org

I won $100 today in a blog contest!
First of all, thanks to Google acquired Prizes.org for the awesome contest platform. 
Thanks to Zagg.com and Zaggdaily.com for choosing my entry
Thanks to the readers of dannybuntu.com. A blog is useless if you're not here guys and gals!
More importantly, thanks to God for giving me everything that I have.

How I won it?
I tried to align my thoughts with the contest holder's goal. They were promoting their Gadget screen protectors through a blog contest and I admitted firstly that I didn't have any expensive gadgets. So I tried to think of a funny blog post title and everything flowed from there. I'm a very imaginative person so the blog title I came up with was very freaky.

I was set back for almost the same amount yesterday so this was an awesome break for me. One of my writer's experienced problems with the payments I sent through Paypal and her kid was also sick with dengue so she couldn't withdraw the money.

The kid was also my nephew. I somewhat felt responsible for them because I was the one who introduced her to the world of freelance writing, Paypal and online banking. So I sent money the old fashioned way, by depositing it physically in a bank.

What I intend to do with the money
I guess this is proof that kindness really does get repaid :)

Again thanks to the wonderful people of Zagg.com and Zaggdaily.com for the awesome prize!

Update: Winning Fees

There's a percentage based fee imposed on winners. It's 10%
There's also a fee for the payment processor (paypal) which is %5.5.
If you are a US citizen you also have to fill up a form W-9 for taxes!