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Browsing over the listings at - a marketplace for buying and selling blogs, websites and such, I intend to find a few gems on the rough to complement my portfolio of slowly growing blogs and websites.

It's not an easy task though the "Refine" feature is quite handy.

Gems in the Rough
1. - Buy it Now Price 25,000

  • The first thing that I do when I look at a website is to see whether its domain turns out on Google search when I search for it. In this case, I searched for the phrase "uneasy silence" on Google and it turned up on top of the SERPs. Moreover, it has its categories listed down such that it effectively hogged half of the screen. The next results were its twitter account and youtube feed. 
Qualitative Analysis

Acquiring this website for $25,000 may be far too expensive even though the owners of the site have really spent a lot of effort in creating and maintaining it. They've obviously spent a lot of effort producing original content, SEO, promotion via social networks such as twitter, and uploading videos via 

  • The most troubling aspect of the site is its steadily declining traffic ever since 2010. The decline is more than 50%. Moreover, the design and layout of the site makes it look quite amateurish and bloglike. 
  • Site owner failed to mention the expenses in running the site. 
Points of Action
  • This is a very good website to acquire if one is looking into putting up a web magazine. Its general but easy to remember domain name could be highly advantageous and general enough for different niches to cater to, specially since it is a common phrase. 
  • The person who will acquire this website would have to hire writers to continue putting up fresh content to drive up traffic. 
  • The design of the website would also have to be altered. to accommodate a magazine theme. 
  • There's still a lot to be known about its other offerings as they seem to have their own toolbar and other promotional material. All non-essential expenses related to maintaining the platform should be removed. 
  • At the right price, this website shows a lot of promise. As to what the right price is falls definitely well below the expected price of the site owner. It would likely fetch somewhere between $4,000 to $6,000 dollars due to its rapidly declining traffic. 

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