Why I Love Klout

I used to think that Klout was for twitter eggheads and egomaniacs. People driven by how much people people think of them in terms of numbers.

This changed when someone gave me a +K. :D

Okay, stop.

Before you think that the only reason I'm writing this now is because of that fact, please take a moment to hear my deeper explanation.

It felt good when someone gave me a +K.

I'd be lying if I said that it wasn't because of the ego thing. Yes it's partially because of that, but it really is deeper.

It felt like, "Hey, someone on my virtual social circles actually took the time to search for my twitter username, and click on a +K button right beside my face."  

Call it "corny", but it actually felt like somebody cared.

Social Networks As Scrolling Faces with http://bit.lys.

Having been on twitter and other social networking sites for more than a year now, I've increasingly felt that the social aspect of it is becoming overrated. Sure we'd tweet each other and RT each other from time to time.

But is it just me, or are most social networks becoming more and more like scrolling faces with bitly links that ask you weird questions - or even seem to insult you or somebody else...

For example:

Happy Face (Smiley yellow) Flag: 3x5ft polyHere's why your business sucks. Know how my social media company can make it better http://bitly/yadayada 

Tweeted 5 mins ago 

The Real Deal

The absolute, honest to goodness thing I have with klout is that it actually feels better to make others feel better. I couldn't care less what my number is (it's quite low but I'm kewl with it).

I'm after the small bubbly feeling that I get when I give somebody who isn't on klout a +K.

They usually say "Thank you" + a


I now look forward to giving more than I receive everyday or at least until the novelty wears off. I see klout now as a way to give somebody a personal +1.