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From a Nearby Resident
I'm not American and I don't even live in the United States but I can remember finding out about the attacks from my old lady landlord back when I was still a student in Baguio City in the Philippines.

She knocked at my door and I opened it. With her wrinkled and wide eyes she alarmingly told me
"They bombed the twin towers." 

Being the half crazy old lady that I thought she was, I dismissed the news since I really needed to get to school on time. I didn't have a TV then and didn't even know where the twin towers were, I ignorantly said, "These terrorists do this all the time." 

Her eyes grew wider, "They do?!!"

I rushed out and excused myself before the conversation made me late for my university class. It was there that I would find out what the twin towers were, where it was and how many people lost their lives.

It was crazy.

It would be the topic of many conversations and discussions for many more years to come.

Looking back at the historical consequences of that event after 10 years, I thought of watching some videos on youtube. Nowadays, youtube is filled with all sorts of conspiracies and BIG HEADLINES THAT JUST MAKE YOU WANT TO CLICK. The videos that I posted here, are the ones I think provided the best perspectives since they're also the least biased.

To be sure, the devastation caused by this single event would reverberate in history as the one which would cause so many more suffering and wars all over the world - for all people. This was the beginning of a new era in world history, one where the value of life became less. An era when people would begin hating religion collectively. An era where hate will begin to gnaw at the hearts of everyone and the darkest realm of human thought would become expounded and expressed in so many ways, via different channels. Danny on Google+

I could have made a tribute for the victims of the attack on that fateful day, but then I realized that they're not the only victims of this one single event.

The world is.

From the Ground

Inside the WTC

From the Street

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