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You need to read this if

  • you are a webmaster or a blogger and are looking for a new and very cheap way to increase traffic for your site.
  • you have a service oriented website (graphic design, content services, seo, logos, etc.) and are looking for zero cost advertisement. 

The cat is out of the bag. Traffic to my own network of blogs has increased significantly (3 figure percentages) based solely on my participation on as a contestant and as a contest holder.

I. How to increase traffic and clients using as a contestant and make money as well.
II. How to increase traffic and clients using as a contest-holder.
BONUS: How to install the widget

1. Google owns (Mashable). Knowing Google, there are reasons why it makes its acquisitions.
2. If you join and then win a contest by clicking here: (Affiliate), it will be your way of thanking me for divulging my current and only marketing strategy as of the moment. 

Section I. How to increase traffic using as a contestant

First of all, ask yourself this question, "what is my service or blog about?" 

Let me tell you a story about Adam and Giorgos Vasileiadis. I don't know them personally but when I think of "graphics designers" from the top of my head, I can even spell their names because they're so damn good. 

How do I know? They keep winning the contests!   

In joining the graphics design contests on, they not only showcased their talents and abilities, they also effectively advertised themselves as well as their services. 

And most of all, they got paid to do it (when they won)

For example, a contest was held by a game designer named Nicholas Wentworth Shaw, about creating the icons or logos for the two factions in a game he was creating. The prize was $150 USD. Giorgos won it with this:

This is now the property of Nicholas Wentworth-Shaw
1. Win $150 in the contest for free - CHECK!
2. Showcase my abilities - CHECK!
3. Get referrals from people who see my work - CHECK!
4. Get contacted for future business - CHECK!
Take a look at Giorgos work at

Section II. How to advertise and get some work done by creating a contest

Now let's look at this from the perspective of Nicholas. As an independent game designer, he needed someone to help him with the artwork as well as the storyline for the game. Needless to say, being an indie developer, he wanted to focus more on the programming aspects of creating the game. 

Moreover, he also needed to promote it when it was done.

To do this:

1. He made a contest about creating logos for the two factions - $200
2. He made a contest about writing the storyline for the game - $150

Thus, we can say that not only will he have created a fanbase (the contestants) for the game before it is even made, he has also done some work with the help of guys like Giorgos!

The possibilities that one can explore with are innumerable. Unlike traditional freelancing and outsourcing websites - lets you choose the exact solution for your outsourcing needs.

How many times have you outsourced and gotten terrible results from seemingly good and well intentioned candidates who unfortunately didn't deliver? solves that problem by letting you select the best solution and not just the best candidate. 

BONUS SECTION: How to Install the New Widget to Showcase Your Contest

1. Join (Aff)
2. Connect your Facebook and Twitter account so you can broadcast your contest once you've created it
3. Optional but recommended: Verify your account by inputting your mobile phone number - you'll get a $10 FREE CREDIT you can use to create a contest.
4. Fill out your profile - it's better if you input accurate information, so people can find you.
5. Click on Create Contest and fill out the details. You can even make $5 contests if you like. Actually, I've found that these $5 contests are also effective even if the amount is not so big. You just have to ensure that the contest would not be too difficult.

6. On Your Profile Page, click on "Get Widget"

7. Copy the Code and Paste on Your Website's sidebar


  • It is owned by Google
  • It is the best place to hold contests
    • It gives you options for the type of contest that you'd like to hold.
      • You can choose the winning entry
      • You can let the audience decide who wins
  • It is a safe platform where both parties are at ease about the transaction. 
  • It uses Paypal and also the option to use your credit card or debit card to upload funds
  • It is a mini social network
  • You can comment on the entries
  • You can mark the entries as your favorite
  • You can eliminate nuisance entries
  • You can send messages to participants
  • It's more reliable than just blaring out your contest on twitter or facebook

How to Redeem Your Credits if You Win a Contest on


If you're reading this, this means that you already won something, correct?

1. Click on the Blue Dollar Amount on the top of your dashboard
2. Find the Redeem Credits link and click it
3. Input your Paypal information.
Note: charges a 10% fee on top of a 5.5% Third Party Payment Handling Fee - so that's 15.5%
If you win $100 - you get $84.5 in your Paypal account.