Hollywood Sign Taal Batangas

An Open Letter to Gov. Vilma Santos-Recto, 

Dear Gov. Ate V,

First of all, I'm a big fan. As a Lipeno who lives 30 minutes away from this volcano, I think you've done the city of Lipa a lot of good. I used to think that showbiz people really don't belong in politics, but you've changed my mind. Honestly.

Please don't make me change my mind again

I saw this picture on the Inquirer and I can't help but scratch my head and think that it was a bad joke.

Wow! Pangit!

Apparently it wasn't (Inquirer, 2011):

"He said the proposed sign would be painted white and positioned following the contours of the island volcano. The letters would be 14 meters tall and stretch for about 110 meters.
The font would be similar to that of the iconic Hollywood signage, the official added.
“It is not an out-of-this-world concept. It’s a simple development which can easily attract attention and even visitors to the area,” Leviste said."

Come again?!
If there would be any visitors to this volcano, I can guarantee you that they would probably go there just to pray that the volcano erupts so that the sign would be destroyed.

Seriously. What if it looked like this?

"Masasaktan po ba ang pride natin?"

As a small resort owner who lives nearby, while I will agree that Batangas definitely needs a lot of support when it comes to domestic tourism, this one is in particular bad taste. Very bad.

Ok fine, I used to think to that Taal was part of Tagaytay, but now that I know that it's part of Batangas, it doesn't change a thing! They still have the view and the posh restaurants - we have the volcano mud that's good for planting.

Putting the sign up is just like Batangas saying to Tagaytay "Umpf, up yours!"

Best Way to Support Domestic Tourism in Batangas
While money would definitely be welcome, I think Batangas would be better off if it totally stops overfishing in the lake and instead replace it with water oriented recreational activities aside from the traditional banca.

Gov. masarap siguro mag jet ski diyan ng medyo affordable naman ang cost para sa lahat.

Or, floating restaurants. Or a large wildlife sanctuary nearby.

I guarantee that when the good folks see a themed and environmentally friendly tourist hub on the lake or near it, the good folks in Tagaytay would definitely want to come down and join the fun themselves. Win win situation di ba?

So please, scrap this silliness.


A Lipeno Ate V Supporter.


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