Media Has to Start Ignoring Breivik

Flickr: Oslo Politiet
Anders Behring Breivik, the notoriously deluded and insane terrorist who killed 77 people in a massacre in Norway needs to be ignored by the media - right now. Constant coverage of his speeches and thoughts could give rise to the existence of like minded desperados or fanatics who just might emulate his line of thinking and daring modus operandi.

He claims to belong to a group called the Knights Templar, which he describes as nationalist militants. Even if the Knights Templar didn't exist, his profound speeches, however disjointed they are from reality, could give rise to a growing multitude of discontented and desperate people who would probably create such a group and give rise to its actual existence.

In a nutshell, this is a man who is averse to multiculturalism to the extent that he expresses no remorse or guilt for having killed so many.

This is a man who truly believes that his distorted political point of views are categorically and absolutely correct - to the point that murder becomes not only an option but a necessity.

The media is having a feast with the sensational coverage of this:

Breivik Sheds Light on Knights Templar - Sydney Morning Herald
Breivik Wants Death or Acquital - Associated Press
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Breivik Says He Would Do it All Over Again - Irish Times

The third article above sheds an interesting light on the distorted thinking being propounded by Breivik. Some of the Knights Templar organizations in the article differ greatly from Breivik's philosophy and some are even philanthropic in nature.

The danger lies in inspiring a younger generation who actually idolizes the man. Whether he gets acquitted or sentenced to death, some who will share his beliefs could consider him as a martyr for their insane cause.