Interesting Adsense Conversation on Reddit

Don't jump just yet, read my warning first. Searching on the Internet about earning Adsense turns up a lot of disinformation and ploys for you to subscribe to various schemes. These guys are really good at what they are doing and know exactly which of your buttons to push at the right time. I wrote about this because I've been meaning to write about Adsense again. Yes, it's possible to earn some money via Adsense most specially if you have specialist and professional knowledge and not just interest on any topic. is a very vibrant community and I owe it to the site for earning the largest ever amount I ever got on Adsense in a day. Now before you go, I advise some caution with regards to the claims of the original poster. Instead, pay attention to the minds of reason in the thread - to the ones asking the right questions:

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