The Story of the Blogger

Once upon a time, there was a boy who had a computer. He used it for school and he used it for games. The boy thought that he could do anything with his computer, and he did. 

Then came the Internet. The Internet was young and the Internet was new. People talked about it a lot and so this boy thought that he'd go and have a look at it too. 

He was amazed at all the dazzling colors. He was enthralled with all the nice pictures. It was then that he said, Yahoo

What was Yahoo? 

It was the Internet. 

The Internet is Yahoo you say? 

Yes, it was the place where everything about the Internet happened. There were games, which is good. There were stories, which was also good and there was Geocities but it was not so good.

But it let you carve your own spot even though it looked like a broken down pot.

A few years have passed and the boy grew into a man. He grew a mustache and sometimes shaved it too. 

Then along came "The Google."  

What was this Google? It is colorful indeed and people have been saying nice things about "The Google". They say that you'll find everything on the Internet in it.

The "G" was blue 
The "o" was red
The "o" was orange
The "g" was blue
The "l" was green
and the "e" was red

It was better than The Yahoo in some ways, but the Google didn't have stories to tell. The Yahoo did. But over time, the Google grew stronger and stronger. It gave free email too. Free email? Yes free email! Wow, the others would say, "Why I used to pay for that, and The Google gives it for free." 

It was a magical time for Googlers as they are now called.

People loved the Google, for they later gave people free websites too. Free websites? Indeed, the Google bought the Blogger and the Blogger became one with the Google. Legions of people flocked to the Blogger, but it had another name too. Blogspot as it was called. 

Over time, the man heard the news that the Blogger and the Google can give you money. Money you say? Doing what? 



Indeed, you can finally make money, by writing. 

About what? 




So the man went to the Blogger and became a blogger himself, and he wrote and he wrote. He's written a thousand words without end.

He waited and he waited for the money to come in. He looked at his Adsense panel every hour, to check how many cents he has made. He made only a few, but that was ok too. 

He thinks that maybe someday, he'll become a Pete Cashmore and go to New York, manage a staff of writers who are all soaked in cappuccinos and bagels. Heck, the blogger didn't even know how a bagel tasted like!

Years have passed and the blogger was still writing, he has yet to earn some money, but he's hoping that he will someday. For wizards, sages and gurus said that he will, if only he would buy their program or buy their kit and then resell it too.

He didn't buy any of those, crafty as he was, there was a bay of skulls with a black flag for that. Upon reading some, he was unimpressed. Rather he sought out fellow bloggers who carry the torch of truth.

Yes, the torch of truth was hard to find and all claim to have it bind!

There were many to be sure, yet the torch that they held was untrue.

Still the years have passed, and he kept on writing, until one day, he got on the front page of Reddit - the very top spot!

Aye, Reddit you say? Ah, yes, purveyor of the happenings, a social cornucopia of people of all sorts. A magical place of pizza, assistance, funny cat pictures and world news.

That single day lasted for 3 days, and a stadium was filled to the brim. Almost a hundred thousand eyeballs read what the blogger skimmed. Yet what he earned couldn't even stoke Adsense's tote!

The crowds thinned out and the stadium was filled with but a few, yet the blogger carried on, sweeping words with an old broom still.

He looked at the sky and hoped that another day would go by, when he'd reach the zenith of why he picked up this blogging pie.

Oh my!

There are a billion like him, all with tail feathers wagging at the scene. Tired as he was, he couldn't stop, for he knew that his day will come.

If this is you, then I'll implore you with a stew, to do tell me, if what I said is true!