The #Trending Obsession

Flickr Magnus Brath
Should we really focus on #trending things?

Whatever happened to sitting on a swing? 

Whatever happened to quiet nights with a cool breeze?

Whatever happened to staring at the stars and not caring if you can post a picture with Instagram or not?

We're overly focused on Real Time, Right Here Right Now

We live, eat and breathe as if everything that is trending is about "living"

Are we really living our lives, or are we living lies?

Whatever happened to slowly grilled barbecues? 

Of stories with Aunt Sue and Grandma?

We've become slaves of the Hype Machine

Ever grinding, ever feeding, and ever misleading us about what matters most

Sure, I'm also capitalizing on #trending, but I also take the time,

to watch the bees patiently go from flower to flower

Peace, be still

Flickr: Bithead

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