Will I Get Paid For My Ideas?

The question "will I get paid for my ideas?", is actually one that's been floating about on the Internet since God knows when. After all, most of the giants today all started with an idea. For me it has been a long and arduous endeavor. I've managed to earn a few thousands dollars with ideas (plus a little bit of video editing) but lately, I'm just too tired to think of more.

It worked for a while with some website, but then that only worked until such time "that people with many ideas to cheat", circumvented the system.

While surfing, (does anybody ever use that term still?) on the Internet, I found another interesting proposition.

A new website called youzingit.com claims to be,
"...a website for buying and selling ideas. Users will have complete confidentiality, along with resources to legally protect their ideas. For consumers, it is a way to get paid for their ideas. For companies, it will provide a breeding ground for revenue producing and/or cost saving ideas at a reasonable cost. These ideas will come from everyday consumers who serve as the “pulse” of the marketplace."
I don't know how this would work yet, but there are many other services like this on the Internet, and they are quite technical in nature.

I'm going to sign up just to test whether this could be a good way to earn some money online.

Getting paid for your thoughts specially during these days is quite a challenging proposition, given that the very nature of the Internet itself is about ideas.