The Best Gift A Father Could Have

I'm glad that you came into my life, all of you. With sparkling and shiny eyes, and laughter filling what used to be an empty heart and house, you've made this man more than just a man. You've turned me into a father.

Now I look forward to every day earning my keep in this world, knowing that all my actions are not for my own, but for you. You've given me a very good reason to strive, fight and work to be my best in this world.

I only pray that I live up to your expectations, that I would be able to provide you with the best I can give, that I can help mold this world and the future you would be living in and finally, that I may be able to leave you something beyond the mere words that I have.

My love, my passion, my life, you are all of these.

The best gift a father could have, is you.