Like a Hungry Dog

Persistence, is a unified effort. Almost like being a zombie, but really more like a dog who's chasing something. Always hungry. Forgetting pain. Finding the strength to get up despite the thorns in our sides.

Creative Commons Image via Flickr TheGiantVermin
It's about the errors of circumstance and the ability to balance nothing with something. It's about delving into the nook and crannies of the limits inherent in possibility.

It's about experience and imagination fused into one. Going about in ways that we have never thought of before.

With my current project underway on how to build a business online using freelancers, I have stretched my limitations and hopefully imparted something worth pursuing. It's about stating the things that are already in front of us and I will chase it like a dog would chase something that keeps on moving.

I'll only stop when my own body stops me.