10 Entrepreneurship Tips from Filipino Online Mogul RJ David

Perhaps nothing embodies "pervasive" more than Filipino online mogul RJ David's Sulit.com.ph. A free classified ads website that has undoubtedly changed and improved the lives of several million Filipino entrepreneurs. It has indubitably made a mark not just in the Filipino online marketplace but also in the entire global Filipino market.

What is Sulit.com.ph? It's an online marketplace that helps Pinoy entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes get their wares or services online for FREE, effectively transforming and bringing the marketplace to a whole new level. With a fast growing market at home and with several million Filipinos abroad and online, as Justin Bieber says, "We can go nowhere but up from here".

Having recently joined twitter.com as a part of their thrust into social, RJ David starts out by giving 10 #entrepTips to the aspiring entrepreneur.

  • Tip #2: When is the best time to start in business? NOW 
  • Tip #3: Get a co-founder for your startup / business
  • Tip #4: Pay It Forward 
  • Tip #5: You cannot improve what you don't measure
  • Tip #6: For critical hires, hire someone better than you and who can say NO to you when it counts 
  • Tip #7: When raising funds, avoid raising too much than what your business really needs. 
  • Tip #8: Scarcity breeds creativity (and improves your discipline) 
  • Tip #9: Happy employees are productive employees 
  • Tip #10: As an Entrep, your main goal is not to make money, but to give value to your customer 

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