A Business Owners Guide to a Safe Commercial Property

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When you are the owner of a business that operates from a commercial property, it is your responsibility to ensure that safety levels are as high as possible in order to protect staff, customers and the items within the building such as expensive computer equipment. With this in mind, the following points have been put together to help you achieve the right level of safety and security for your business.

Choose Key-Holders Wisely
When making the decision to give other members of staff key-holder responsibility, it’s important you choose wisely. It goes without saying that a key-holder should be somebody you trust implicitly, but you should also take their home location and access to transport into consideration. A key-holder is not only responsible for opening and closing the property, they will also be a port of call outside working hours should an alarm go off or suspicious activity arise around the perimeters of the property that require authorities to gain access to the property. For this reason, make sure your key-holders are aware of this, have access to transport and live relatively locally to get to the property quickly.

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Physical Security Products
To enhance safety measures, physical security products such as roller shutters and window grilles will go a long way in ensuring the best level of security for your commercial property. In order to choose the right combination of products, speak to a security professional who can evaluate your property and highlight weak points within and around the perimeters of the property, suggesting products that will create a waterproof security plan for your company.

Overtime Protocol
When members of the team are working late or coming in early, you need to make sure their safety is always a priority. This can be achieved through ensuring nobody stays after hours alone so that they will not be leaving the property unaccompanied, or by making it as easy as possible for staff wishing to do overtime to do so at home through allowing them to take their laptops home.

Employ a Security Guard
Commercial properties are often a prime target for criminals due to the amount of expensive items that reside within them. For enhanced security outside of office hours, consider hiring a security guard who can monitor the premises overnight with the aid of CCTV cameras and regularly walking around the perimeters of the property.

When it comes to safety, as a business owner you must do all you can to ensure every aspect of your business is fully protected against the threat of intrusion and criminal damage; start your journey towards safer business premises by taking these suggestions into consideration.

Sophie works for CRS Roller Shutters, a company that offers a range of security products such as shutters and grilles to greatly enhance the safety of the people and products within your business property.

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