Exciting New Paid Per Post Blog Network Launching This July

Do we really need another "Get Paid Per Post" blog network?

I haven't gotten paid with any of those yet so my answer of course, is yes we do!

With certain issues notwithstanding, like Google's policy on paid links, and a wide dearth of competition from the likes of,, among many others, a new service which promises "better relations with bloggers" might be a refreshing approach to a stagnating area.

To quote from them,

"How do I know you are not just gonna spam me?
We are an independent company formed by two people with their own popular blogs who were fed up of a*se about face approaches from SEO, PR and Marketing agencies. We decided to do something about it and ho-yup, bloggabase was born. A massive part of what we plan to do involves looking at things from a blogger point of view and what we would like to see when brands try and link with like-minded bloggers.
Has this not been done before?
Not the way we want to do this."
So, yeah, I am looking forward to this and I'm hoping that they'll be different and take notice of little ole bloggers like me.

For one, I haven't had much luck with or ever. There's just not too many paid blogging opportunities there.

By the way, I'm not getting paid for this post.

Right now, the best and only way I've earned some dollars through blogging still remains to be:

  1. Ghost blogging through (Affiliate link)
  2. A hundred dollars through Google's Adsense program
  3. A few bucks from Amazon Associates

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