Google's Use of Military Drones To Map The World In 3D

Drone launches from flight deck of USS Lassen.
World technology has always been on the move, mapping the world has never been left behind. Various companies in the modern world are fighting to have a firm control of technology in way which has never been witnessed before. The 3 major companies are at the forefront in incorporating technology into the mapping process.

The technology they want to apply is called 3D technology. Google has its Google maps to develop, Apple has iOS and lastly Nokia cannot be left behind in technology matters. These companies are claiming that the technology used will make their maps more user friendly than before.

What are the challenges facing these Companies in their Quest to map the world in 3D?

The major challenge is that 3D will contravene privacy of individuals. The maps will expose the world in a way we have never seen before. Two companies have been blamed in the strongest terms possible by lawmakers in the United States for their aim of mapping the world in 3D.

This use of military grade spy planes will expose some private affairs like that of sunbathing in front of your house and other events which are considered private. This is likened to high tech peeping into private affairs.

The lawmakers further argued that the two companies will have a lot of information on the citizens which is supposed to be private. Their argument was that the company’s mapping will expose some sensitive infrastructure to the terrorists and other people with malicious intention.

These companies were therefore asked by these lawmakers to show their plans on how they will ensure privacy is taken care of. Some experts felt that the government was feeling jealousy over the use of drones which they felt should be a preserve for the government.

This is a case in point which shows that as we improve in technology, we continue losing our privacy at a great rate. This can also be seen in social media. People find themselves sharing very sensitive information on the social media platforms which makes them victims of some bad occurrences.

Some experts have given some fair suggestions to Apple and Google that they should enhance privacy by informing citizens when the mapping is going to occur so that they take more care.

The second option Google and Apple have is to blur the photos which show individuals and also have an option which allows people who own property to be left out of the mapping process.

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