What is the Best Vacation You've Ever Had?

A facebook friend asked this question on her wall and it made me think about all the vacations I've ever had in my life.

Like one of those miniature epiphanies, I realized something simplistically profound yet strikingly straightforward about vacations and it tends to be something we often overlook.

But before all that, let me tell you about all the things I like about the social network Google plus. 

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The pictures shared on it makes one feel the pulling desire of the moment captured inside a lens.  It plays with the imagination that meshes emotions with words and thoughts.

These then leads us to desire and wanting to go on a vacation.

This leads us to want to be there - in the moment. But the truth is, for these places to matter at all to us,  for them to become appealing - they first have to pass a very important conditional.

We have to picture ourselves in the moment first with the people we love.

Because without them, it would all be meaningless.

True, some places might be adequate for solitude and soul searching - but that's not how most vacations go. Vacations and travel are always planned - with other people, whether friends or family.

Vacations are mini adventures that only becomes fulfilling if they're shared in person.

For what is the meaning of being in the greatest place on the planet if you're all alone with no one to share the moment with?