Why Hackers Want to Hack Your Facebook Account

Google and Facebook are your gateways to everything else on the Internet.

There are so many websites that have that cute little blue button that says "Login using facebook" or "Connect with Facebook"

When they access your Facebook account - they also access every website you have access to.

They can access your apps that are linked to facebook.

They can even access some financial websites that you may have signed up on through facebook.

Taking countermeasures against hackers is mostly a futile exercise if you're up against professional and dedicated ones. But the simplest of measures can make their attempts harder.

But know this, if you haven't tried to "reset your password" and you receive an email telling you that you did, don't click on anything!

Don't even read that email.

This blog post is dedicated to those who are trying to get into mine.
Please stop. You won't get anything.

I have nothing of value there.


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