Max's Fried Chicken Lipa City, Philippines Aug 18, 2012

Cassandra, Alithea and Andrea say Cheese at Max's Lipa
I work hard and I also eat hard :) So today, I decided to fulfill my promise to my children to take them out to Max's Restaurant Lipa City, in JP Laurel Highway, Barangay Sabang, just beside SM Lipa when I win another one of those online contests.

I've been a happy father for 10 years now and one thing's for sure, when children grow - they eat more!

All 6 of us fit inside the tricycle, including baby Hannah, thanks to yours truly's careful planning and geometrical proficiency. ;P

Alex was being introspective... Probably wondering
what he'll eat.
I felt a little shy entering the premises since most of the people who go inside - came with cars. Having the tricycle go up the ramp feels a little too provenzano but what the heck I don't have a car sooo - "Mah! Para!"

Max's Lipa City has their own building so medyo dyahe pag naka tricycle ka lang. Pag nasa SM ka - no one could tell the difference if you came in using a tricycle or a Pajero :D

Hannah's first time at Max's Lipa

Pinaputok na Bangus at Max's Lipa
Pinaputok nga ang bulsa ko at PHP 239 for a medium sized bangus

Crabmeat Fried Rice at 130 Pesos

Pancit Luglug Solo at 95 Pesos

Whole Family Chicken at 443 Pesos

Natutulog yung manok nung sinerve...

Chicken Sisig at 186 Pesos

Sizzling Tofu at 169 Pesos

Perfect combination

We had the chicken re-done since I didn't really want to feed my children chicken with some blood in it. I don't know if Max's does chicken raw nowadays, but I guess now you have to tell them - to make it well done.

All in all, our experience was "okay". I guess talagang mas masaya nga lang pag kasama ang whole family. Granted the pricing was a bit steep, that's to be expected with any Max's restaurant. On the other hand, I could have saved more with their value meal packages, but I prefer to dine ala Filipino style, salu salo. Specially with my kids.

When I was done, the waiter was even kind enough to offer to light my cigarette.

The only downside to our experience was I couldn't eat the bones. You know, in other Max's restaurants - the chickens are so crispy you could literally eat the chicken's bones. I didn't bother this time.

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