Unveiling the Fed

For decades, the Federal Reserve has existed as a shadowy organization manipulating America’s economy, currency and banking system. Very few Americans understand how the Fed operates or even know about its existence. The recent presidential campaign and Dr. Ron Paul’s campaign’s anti-Fed messages have brought the Federal Reserve into the national spotlight, and Bestaccountingschools.net has created an infograph to help you easily understand the facts about this veiled organization.

Why was the Fed Reserve created, and what does it do? Bestaccountingschools.net explains this for you in a bright infograph with facts, figures and colorful drawings. In a few short moments of perusing this infograph, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the benefits and downsides of a federally controlled banking system. You’ll learn about why America stopped using the gold standard and why a return to this monetary policy might reduce unemployment and improve the economy. You can’t afford to not read this graph – literally.

Source: bestaccountingschools.net

Unveiling the Fed Federal Reserve
Unveiling the "Fed"
U.S. Federal Reserve
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