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The title sounds weird, but this is going to be one of those cloudy day but still happy posts.

The upside is yes, I'm glad because I got my $202.97 USD from Google yesterday!

Yay Me!!!

I went to the Western Union branch at the second floor of Robinsons Mall in Lipa City, filled out a form, gave my MTCN number along with identification to the pretty lady behind the counter. I left out a few details on the form since I didn't know what to write on the field where it says, "The Sender is My _________"

"Money bag"

"Employer" - Hmmm, maybe... Something like that. Yes.

The amount is bigger because apparently, the amount that I didn't get from the first check which was lost, was carried over to this pay date. Hence 100* + 102.97* = $202.97.

So that's what happens when you lose your Adsense check. Good thing I shifted to Western Union as a payment mode.

I'm very close to my personal goal of earning $1.00 a day in Adsense revenue. Thanks to your support.

The lady at the Western Union branch in Robinsons was really excited, "You really get paid by Google? Wow."

I just smiled. Her male companion then added that in Western Union everything from Google starts with an MTCN number beginning with 000.

She then told me that she once tried freelance writing and that it was difficult. I told her, that the pay in freelance writing is actually higher, since you get paid per word and article rather than per clicks or impressions. I really should get started with those calling cards.

Dealing with a Negative WOT rating (Web of Trust)  
The WOT rating and also browser extension (firefox and chrome) is a rating system that grades the performance of your website according to ratings provided by users. Here, a site gets rated according to:
  • Trustworthiness
  • Vendor reliability
  • Privacy
  • Child Safety has been rated negatively, I don't know why and I feel bad about it since I feel that what I've written here are mostly my personal experiences and I am a fairly honest person. 

Proof: When I was about 5-7 years old (recalling exact dates is not my thing), my dad tested me (he liked those mind games - he was a lawyer). We passed by a candy shop where you could easily grab lots of colorful gummy bears and other colorful treats. Then he told me, "Danny, get some of that candy. See, I'll talk to the lady to distract her while you get some." 

Long story short, I didn't get the candy even though I would later on find out that my dad already paid for it before he asked me.

Another proof: You know those employment bonds that bind you to a company for 6 months which nobody really pays once they voluntarily resign before the end of the contract?

Well, I paid mine. I paid 50,000 pesos to my former employer, the Bank of the Philippine Islands when I resigned back then. That is how honest I am.

Sooooo, back to my Web of Trust rating. It's negative and so I'm deemed to be untrustworthy. At the onset, it was, is frustrating. It's like watching a blot on your good record to see that you have a failing grade just because somebody doesn't like you.

I felt compelled to join WOT and install their meta tag on my site, which I did.
Then request for a site evaluation, which I will now do.

They'll also ask for other information like - and I will copy paste:

Do you have a visible privacy policy on your website?: *

If you provide a way for users to communicate with you if they experience problems with your site / service, then provide the url:

Both of which I have,

Privacy and Disclosure
Contact Form

Some people say that you should also put a telephone number as it has some SEO mumbo jumbo effect, but I've tried that and just got super spooky phone calls in the middle of the night with - heavy breathing... Ugh..

Anyway, here's to hoping for the best. May we all get paid at least $4 a day in Google Adsense Revenue so that we can cash in every month. May our WOT ratings be Green.