Danny's Weed Control Methods: Rock Salt, Vinegar

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The new pepper farm in front of ours started their project quite impressively, at least to my untrained eyes. After 3 years of living here in a farm/garden/resort I still consider myself as an agriculture/garden newbie. They started by tilling the land and removing all grass with the help of their gasoline powered grass cutter. Sometimes they also pulled the grass by hand or used their "kawit" or short scythe.

The land was perfectly brown and ready to be planted on.

Come planting time, the weeds started to grow faster than their pepper. By my count, it outgrew their pepper plants at least once every two weeks. That means that they had to spend for gasoline or labor every 2 weeks just to prevent the weeds from outgrowing their crops.

It was a dismal sight that I'm very familiar with.

Having planted ginger last February, and ginger being a root crop, I know fully well how annoying weeds can be when it comes to trying to grow crops or plants.

This is why I wanted to put up my own page that I would continuously update for my own use and maybe for yours too. This is going to be my weed control page where I will put all of my experiences with regards to weed control.

Disclaimer: I'm not an expert and I'm doing this on an experimental basis so please be wary and do some research on your own on whether this would apply to your particular situation.

Method 1: Salt-Water Solution

*Warning*: Salt can destroy land and make it uninhabitable for plants for many years. 

The article I've read on eHow.com - Putting Salt on Grass basically lays out this formula:

Salt Solution for Weed Control
Rock Salt1 cup
Boiling Water2 cups

I actually made a video for this so stay updated.

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