A Better Way to Earn Money From YouTube - Patreon.com

Nope, not all of us can be like Charlie and his brother. Love their video by the way :)

But some of us on YouTube do create content that's worthy of patronage or at the very least a dollar tip or two for the hours, days and even weeks of effort. That's exactly what Patreon is for. A virtual tip jar for the intrepid creators not just on YouTube but for creators of every kind.

If you've ever watched a video of somebody that really moved you and changed your life for the better, Patreon is a better way to give that person the appreciation that they deserve apart from your ad click.

How does $1000 dollars a video sound like?

That's totally up to your fans and supporters. Take for instance Smooth McGroove.

People can choose how much they can give you for every video that you make. The lowest is $1 but it can definitely go higher. Patrons who give higher are then given extras and bonuses like access to downloads, exclusive videos and the like. Sounds like a very good plan to me. 


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