The World Contemplates War in the Middle East - Again

August 27, 2013 10:57 pm Philippine Time
XX number of (days, weeks, months) before the Meltdown
(This blog post is an update to an ongoing work I've been playing around with for a while:
Watching the World Meltdown)

An online activist friend went on about how "corporate controlled mass media" is not relaying "everything" to the general public and how the Illuminati is controlling our minds. He went on to describe the Military Industrial complex and how Western nations are planning on attacking Syria as a pretext to draw Iran in a broader war. He mentions that it is all about oil and controlling the region. 

Mentioning the Illuminati, by my books seriously puts a dent in the said friend's credibility. That's not to say that I don't believe him but rather question the sources of his information. For what it's worth, these brave men and women of the "corporate controlled mass media" are still the most reliable of sources. 

Most "independent journalists" or bloggers are relatively unknown and hence unreliable to a certain degree. Yes, that includes me. To be sure, no media outlet could be 100% impartial and objective. Journalism standards aspire to such levels but at times fall short for they oftentimes become a part of the story too.

But then again, it is one thing to question the ethics of a whole group of professionals, it's also another to say that what they're saying is a collective lie.

With regards to the current developing situation in Syria, one thing is for sure - thousands are dying and chemical weapons are being used against civilians. Regardless of who is using it, the fact that it is being used against civilians is an extremely grave issue that must be addressed forcibly. It simply is a lose-lose situation whether or not conspiracy theories are true.

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