Reddit Ads Now Sold Per Mille - Will This Fly?

For the beginner this means that you will pay for every 1000 impressions, not clicks. Will this fly?

As a freelance writer and blogger, I take care of my clients by going the extra mile. I set aside 50% of my earnings and use it to advertise the blog post that I've written to give it that extra push. Reddit is the first place that I've ever paid for advertising because the potential that a post would become viral becomes exponential.

Recently, they've made some changes and I'm not entirely sure if this would be good. What I usually do is place a $20 ad on reddit and it would run for 24 hours. The average impressions that the ad receives ranges from 65,000 to 88,000 impressions. That was in the old system. In that system, I usually get 100 to 150 clicks which go directly to the blog post I've written. Not bad for a $20 ad.

Changing the reddit ad system to Cost Per Mille or CPM will radically increase my ad spend, specially since their rates are now at $0.75 per 1000 impressions.

In my humble personal opinion, this isn't good at all. I think it's a way for reddit to hike the prices of their ads. That's understandable from their perspective because reddit's traffic is massively increasing. It really is becoming the front page of the Internet.

But will this mean sales for my employers?
Will this mean that my blog post will get the exposure that it deserves?

I guess I'll soon find out.