Name a Bed Contest: Win $150 (via TransferMaster)

You and your bright ideas. 

They help you earn money blogging for GoodBlogs, but we've got a new opportunity for you to earn a penny for your thoughts (15,000 pennies to be exact).


Ready? If you've heard of GoodBlogs-powered site Rolling Without Limits, you probably know that this fantastic blogging community for folks with mobility issues, is sponsored by a terrific company called Transfer Master. They specialize in keeping people comfortable, with top-of-the line beds and mattresses that are particularly important to you if you're someone who happens to have a physical disability or ailment.
The new mattress is really a feat of engineering. This thing's got a medical core to really help people who need it. Sleep is important. And we want to help! Transfer Master wants YOU to help them name their new mattress! Check out the details below. Come up with the winning name, and score a $150Just in time for the holidays! 
  • The new mattress is a member of the supernal line by Transfer Master. (su·per·nal: adjective: of or relating to the sky or the heavens; celestial.) The name you come up with should sound great in front of the word supernal. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "a cut above," doesn't it?
  • This one-of-a-kind sleeping experience has been created after a rigorous, intensive, and intricate design process to ensure it's ability to bring real quality of life to it's user. It is designed to maximize immersion and evelopment, two key elements of pressure redistribution.
  • The name should connote an absolutely luxurious experience of pleasure, comfort, and relaxation.
  • It's a legacy. This isn't your typical everyday mattress. It's going to be around for a long time. It's an investment in the comfort of not only it's current user, but that users children and grandchildren. Really, it's made that well.
Well, GoodBloggers, are you up for the challenge? Submit your idea via this quick form and we'll announce a winner soon! We're rooting for you!
Best of luck,
The GoodBlogs Crew for Transfer Master

My entries:

·         Immaculate
·         pristine
·         ephemeral
·         perpetuity
·         paragon
·         paradigm
·         dignity
·         dignified
·         slumber
·         dignidad
·         immersal
·         integral
·         finality
·         Essential
·         Subliminal  
·         Vital
·         vitality
·         Vigor
·         Renewal
·         Replenish
·         Rebirth
·         Celestina
·         Relive
·         “masterful renewal”
·         Jovial
·         ephemerata
·         sanctuary
·         sanctina
·         Vigorata
·         Vernal
·         “Pleasure Isle”
·         Psithurial
·         noctifloural
·         Somnum
·         Quiesco
·         Sommeil
·         flotilla
·         Volito
·         Levatio
·         “Anima Vita”
·         Vie
·         “celestial siesta”
·         leviate
·         Regenesis
·         “Felice Sonno”
·         Ringiovanire
·         Myga
·         Icarus
·         Leviathan
·         “elemental necessity”
·         Salve
·         Immortalis
·         Immortality
·         Aeternus
·         Naturalis
·         Riposo

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