Typhoon Yolanda Put Many Holes in My Roof: Here's How Goodblogs.com Helped Me Fix It

Thankfully, Yolanda didn't hit Lipa City as much as Tacloban and Central Philippines. By the way, you should consider helping out Yolanda relief efforts if you can't give hugs and love personally.

You could find resources on how to help Yolanda victims through this link from Google: 

So as I was saying, only signal number 2 was raised in the Batangas region where I live but Yolanda has exacerbated some maintenance problems I've been having for the last year or so. 

In shorter terms, Yolanda made a bigger hole on my roof where there used to be just a few. 

So, I'm thanking the good people of GoodBlogs.com for helping me through this rough patch by expediting my freelance writer's earnings. Through the efforts of Jason and Amanda, I will have some funds to repair the roof. Which looked like this after Yolanda:

What is Goodblogs.com? 

Well, to me it's more than just a blog network consisting of 
To me, it's about fulfilling a dream as a professional blogger. At times, I've relied on my goodblogs.com earnings to help me put food on the table. Yes, that's how melodramatic I can be, but it's the truth. 

At times, it has provided me a supplemental source of income that helped me pursue the many, many projects that I want to accomplish in life. 

During these times of tragedy for my fellow countrymen, it has helped me give, when otherwise I would have had nothing to give.

So to the wonderful people of Goodblogs.com. 

Thank you.