Selling: House and Farm and Looking for a Job in NZ or AU

After more than 5 years of weeding, gardening, writing and farming, we have finally decided to let go of our house and farm property (See OLX). It was a moment of epiphany and of clarity. We gave it our 200%, attained our goals and have come to realize our dreams.

All good things must come to an end.

"Le temps d'aller"

"It's time to go." 

Maraming salamat po! 

To all our friends, visitors, helpx volunteers, relatives and the people who have come into our lives, from the bottom of our hearts - thank you very much! 

We would still be staying here and continuing what needs to be done until such time that we can relinquish our role and find someone who would continue our work here. 

For the meantime, I'd just like to put it out in the open that I am searching for job opportunities in agriculture, gardening, publishing or IT in New Zealand or Australia. (But personally I'd like to discover and explore Frodo's world!

For brokers: we are open to licensed brokers and agents by appointment only, please do contact me via my blog's contact form or via OLX