Freelance Writing Assignment of the Day July 31 2014: Recording Pens

Recording pens or "spy pens" have become so cheap that they're peddled online in so many websites including Facebook. Today, I found myself writing about them in a website called

These devices used to be found only in the realm of spy-thrillers where agent provocateurs masterfully recorded world changing events, illicit liaisons or such other banal nonsense. Now, you could buy one for less than ten dollars.

While these recording pens used to belong exclusively in the realm of semi kinky and mostly-snarky endeavors, they're actually quite handy for academic purposes. (Not that academic purposes are now included under the category of kinky endeavors...) That's the angle I pursued in the article. Lectures, seminars, events and even interviews could, and should be recorded with the most amount of discretion as possible - if they are permitted at all. Well, the pens are a convenient workaround to these intellectual niceties.

Inconspicuous and unobtrusive, the "recording pen" as a name for a thing, does have a better ring to it than the erstwhile attention-whoring "spy pen".

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