Freelance Writing Assignment Gig of the Day - August 5, 2014: In Home Cardio Workouts

Rainy days sprinkle their own dosage of sunshine in ways that may surprise you. Even the bleakest moments can be happy in their own little way. A writer's life is about managing these flux of crescendos. Both the good and the bad.

In the world of freelance writing, it is very easy to get disappointed. At times, it feels like getting struck down by Harley Quinn inside the Arkham Asylum.

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By the way, the Assault on Arkham, the animated feature was a tad disappointing. It lacked the flavor of Batman's dark brooding and subsequent rising from the ashes appeal. But it does give some background color to the amazing game series.

I got my Steam copies via Humble Bundle three months ago and I still think to this day, that movies should be sold like that. Movies served ala Humble Bundle style.

But then again, I've been seeing a lot of freelance writing assignments that get you to sign up to Amazon Prime.

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"In home cardio workouts"

That's what I wrote about today.

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