Freelance Writing Assignment of the Day - August 1, 2014: Bicycles and Clouds

With your head high among the clouds, you peddled furiously on your bicycle. 

*Pfoosh* *Pfwooooooosh* 

They swish away as silky cotton clouds do as you pass by. 


Working on can sometimes have this effect on you. Your mind wanders and trips on the protruding pebble that is the insanity that you take in and consequently churn out. Looking back, I never knew that bicycles could cause erectile dysfunction by compressing some arteries and nerves down there.

So to all the cyclists reading this, use the correct posture and buy the appropriate ball catcher for your bike.

As to cloud storage solutions, I'm sticking with the consumer level goodness bestowed upon me by the grace of Google. I use A LOT and love that feeling of using only 20% of my total storage space.

It brings me back to the days, when I can buy one gallon of cookies and cream ice cream, eat to my heart's contentment and still have lot to look forward to the following day. Now, it's just a one cup affair. Five kids leave you with very little ice cream.