The Unbeliever by E.L. Bayliss

I figured that I would use my Amazon Associate earnings to buy something digital - my first purchase. For real. I live in the jungle. Cut me some slack.

I have a $20 gift card code floating around the depths of my email repository since 2012 and I haven't gotten around to using it. I earned it through the affiliate sales I made through this blog.

I think the book "The Unbeliever" by E.L. Bayliss sounds like something I'd want to read and maybe, write about myself. Well, at least, try to write something like it. But then again, I only read the blurb - soooooo.... I don't really know what it's all about.

Anyway, since I don't have a kindle device, I googled for a way to download the ebook file from Amazon. Nope. No can do.

Nothing there, but then I discovered that there was a Kindle App on Google Play. Yep, it works on my Android phone. Bought the book, downloaded the app, downloaded the book. Will read it. Now.

The Blurb from

When rich atheist Art Wellington gets shielded from gunshots by a complete stranger, he risks it all to find out why. In his search, Art begins to experience a power he didn’t know existed from a source he refuses to acknowledge.
In another place and time, someone has suddenly died. Everyone is calling it an accident, but twenty-two years later, John Williams, the former sheriff of a small town, gets a message spray-painted across his truck that blows wide open a murder investigation in which everyone in town is now a suspect.
In a twist of events that no one can see coming, these two stories collide into a dramatic climax in which the unthinkable is revealed.
The Unbeliever is a page-turning thrill ride that will surprise and inspire you to the very end.

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