An Inside Look into the Lives of Freelance Writers, Bloggers and Online Marketers

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I was walking to the nearby sari-sari store (convenience store) as the old man with jagged teeth, approached me. I can smell the faint traces of brandy on his breath as he leaned closer to speak. I focused my attention to the store as I tried to avoid eye contact. With words that are slurred he started in Tagalog with, "How's it going over there? Why won't you come out of the house?"

I smiled and merely said, "Busy with work."

"You don't have any income inside your farm. Why do you have to work, your mommy sends you money right?"

Not wishing to add fodder to an unsavory conversation, again I just smiled. Such is the life of this freelance writer.

The web made this kind of life possible but it's not all white sands and blue waters

So for my first +MyBlogU request, I started with something simple. Something that everybody who's working in the field of home based blogging, online and freelance writing and marketing could relate to.

What's your life like working online? How many hours of work do you put in?

I'm going to publish this post as I collate the data from the good people of MyBlogU. In this way, it will be a running account of the insights I've gathered about their lives and work.

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Hi Danny!
I'm a content coordinator for WebpageFX and I blog in my free time both for my pesonal blog MarCom Land and for several other sites PR Daily, Entrepreneur, Muck Rack etc.

On average I probably spend 4-7 hours blogging on top of a 40 hour work week. Definitely not relaxing at the beach (even though my work place is on the river so I am getting closer). While working in a sunny paradise used to be my dream, I've actually really enjoy an office atmosphere (especially our's at WebpageFX--not many employees can boast a firepit, hammock, reading room and gym). 

I spend 14 hours per week , an average of 2 hours per day right now ! Learning never ends and still learning new skills and conversation on many blogging platforms, so it is taking a lot of my time. On my blog I post 7 times a week and that is all I can handle. I hire writers to write most sharable content and i work on site redesign all the time when alone and not actual working. I tried my best to manage time efficiantly and I would love to hear any suggestions on how to reduce my time spent blogging while still being effective! Thanks!

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