To or Not to That is the Question

Image by JayMantri / Ello logo is theirs
Thereupon stars ablaze once more, yet another social network worthy of lore. But is it to be or is it for us not to see? Where star spangled blindness render us, the mute to bask in its exuberance?

So so full of youthful enthusiasm to be what others are not. Thriving in an ecosystem of wanton marketing knots. Should we use it? Or should we not?

There lies the question for dreamers, artists, writers and yes, marketers alike. If I were to use it, would it make me feel as if stars are alight and the moonshine is steel? I pity the mongrel chasing after the glimmer, for diamonds lost time turned into wither.

Yes, I asked for an invite hoping to see, what's all the fuss for ello to be?

To ello or not to ello. Or maybe it is to be an el-loco?

I sought the soothsayers to see what they might say. Here you are, the soothsayers ray!

The main people attracted to Ello during its days tucked away in an incubator, unseen by most of the world, were artists, writers, and other "smart creatives." This was a natural fit with the ethos of Ello's creators, who themselves are designers with a revolutionary spirit.

ok's slip up of suspending the accounts of hundreds of drag queens for real name violations sent thousands of their supporters in search of a new home, they adopted Ello. That made news. Suddenly the masses became aware of Ello, and the great Ello land grab began.

I think after all the hooplah settles down, most regular social media users will abandon it and return to their regularly scheduled program of cat GIFs and pictures of their sister's kids on Facebook. But will the countercultural types remain?

should be doing everything in its power now to make the counterculturalists and smart creatives feel safe, welcome, and empowered. Ello's future isn't as a major social network on the level of Facebook or Twitter, but it doesn't need to be. Its ceators aren't out to become billionaires, just run a successful, sustainable business. Becoming a prized network to a dedicated niche is a way they could accomplish that.

I've seen so many of those... I can't remember all the names of social networks that emerged to kill Twitter but they never . Ello seems to have had its part of luck (major coverage) but I fail to see how we need another network.

It might seem that we don't really need other Social media platforms as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as they have all the features we need for content marketing but think about the reason each social platform was made then you will see that what is driving these new social media network is interests and common cause.

Take for instant Facebook and Google+, both networks look like the perform the same function but they have different interests. While facebook is about connecting with friends and families and knowing about the events in their lives, Google + aim is to share with people that you know and not everyone.

In conclusion, as long as we have different interest there will always be new social media networks to satisfy such interest. Pinterest was created for visual inclined individuals, instagram for teens. We definitely will see more Social networks springing out.

Ikechie Awazie | Be a Light Unto the World

I totally agree with you with regards to niche interests. People are different everywhere you go and as Facebook and Twitter gets more commercialized with all those ads, (Yep, you can also blame me for some of those!) it's bound to cause some discomfort.

The truth is, there are billions of people in the world and there's a lot of options.

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