November 2014 Writer's Earnings for the Month

Happy Thanksgiving!
Creative Commons Picture Credits to Gulan Bolisay
Today is Friday and I'm going to start posting my writer's earnings for the month first as a thanks to my partners and second, as record keeping and as proof that it's possible to make money online as a writer and blogger.

More than anything else, this post is meant to give a real and genuine peek into the lives of freelance writers for those who are aspiring to be one. I've also disclosed the websites where I earn money to share my freelance writing gigs.

Creative Commons Image via Flickr
Again, thank you to all of you who read my blog posts, thank you to the good people who appreciate my work in and most of all thank you God, Lord Jesus Christ for all the blessings you have given me and my family this month.

Happy thanksgiving to all my American readers and I hope everybody has a nice day!

Danny Garcia November 2014

Date Name/Email Net amount
Nov 22, 2014 $30.00 USD
Nov 16, 2014 $20.00 USD
Nov 16, 2014 $20.00 USD
Nov 15, 2014 Transfer Master Products, Inc. $20.00 USD
Nov 14, 2014 Transfer Master Products, Inc. $20.00 USD
Nov 10, 2014 $30.00 USD
Nov 4, 2014 $20.00 USD

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