Christmas and Forgiveness

It's far easier to lie and run away, than to ask for forgiveness - or forgive. 

I originally wrote this on my Facebook post since I've had a life event - again, unfortunately - that made me think about Christmas, Christianity, evolution, lying and money. The situation put me in another tough spot during a critical moment in our lives. It's funny how sometimes, the people around us become odd during the tougher stages in life.

As it is, I miss my grandparents and would love to see the land of my birth once again. I'd love to see familiar faces of my extended family. Faces, who I now see as heroes with their share of trials and tribulations, victory and sacrifice, honor and humility.

But as I write this, I am beginning to doubt that this would be achieved.

I am in a tight spot right now.

Anyway, here's the FB post I made. The latter portion rambled on and diverted but I'll leave it as it is for you to make the connection.

"I'm sorry, I was wrong." 

Five extremely powerful words that have that amazing transformative strength. Sadly, most of us don't have the strength to say it and face judgement - both human and divine. Instead of saying those amazingly easy to say words, we make it more complicated. We fabricate delusions upon illusions beneath lies upon lies. All under the mantle of having the illusion of power, strength and sometimes, even righteousness. 

But the thing is, we are all fallen and imperfect. 

If you've read thus far, and feel that slightest tinge of guilt, maybe someone out there is waiting for you to say it. Forgiveness may not come from that person, but at the very least - you can forgive yourself and plant the seeds of peace. A chance to right the wrong. 

A chance to change the course of history yet to be made. 

A chance to change who you will become. 

Sadly, I have seen far too many people live out the rest of their days like this. Angry. Bitter. And 'right' to themselves and to anyone gullible enough to believe the lies and share the delusions. I've seen persons, whole families, communities and even nations, get blinded by this and that's the reason why we are seeing so many painful and horrible things going on right now. It's the cycle of hatred and bitterness fueled by an unforgiving world. 

Christ was born and nailed to the cross.

Mocked, yes. Vilified, bloodied and eventually killed. Not so his followers can start a revolution. Not so they can have revenge and torture the Romans. Not so they can become the most powerful nation on the planet and dominate, but so we, as a race would learn. 

So that we could evolve - beyond our animalistic instincts and tendencies. Asking for forgiveness and forgiving are traits that make us more than highly evolved species of animals. The natural order is retribution and revenge. (Addendum: I don't know whether this is also true for lower forms of animals. From what I am aware of right now, revenge seems to be a human only trait too. From that, we can also put human action in this context.)

Absent forgiveness, life would be like Game of Thrones. Bloodshed that begets bloodshed. 

I feel sick at what Christmas has become. Things are things... Even certain animals collect things. But can animals forgive and have enough self consciousness to admit they were wrong? Are there animals that know how to forgive? 

To me, more than cybernetic implants or neural upgrades or even genetic engineering, it is this central theme of Christianity that truly makes us creatures of evolution.