Fujihama CG411 Brush-Cutter Review

Most developers, farmers and Philippine landowners have this constant maintenance concern in mind - weed trimming. These perennially growing nuisance as far as my experience can count, only has three uses that I know of - food for animals, compost and it keeps the soil from eroding. Yes we need them, but we want them to be neat and trimmed just a few centimeters above the ground.

Fujihama CG411 - brush-cutter 

Now, if you are on a tight budget, it's easy to be attracted to cheap China made brush-cutters that one can buy from these surplus shops which sell imported "pre-loved" or "pre-owned" tools. 

As the saying goes, caveat emptor or "buyer beware". That good deal might come along with a box of Biogesic.

Fujihama CG411 - brush-cutter
I have been cutting the grass in our farm for the better (or worse) part of 4 years. I've had two shoulder slung grass cutters. My first one is a Kawasaki-TH43, a true workhorse, but old and outdated nevertheless.

Fujihama CG411 - brush-cutter
At that time, the Barangay keeps on borrowing it and I had to bring it in for regular maintenance to Lipa City's ever famous Mang Nic (near the cultural center) for maintenance and repair. I sold it to the Barangay for 4,000 pesos and used part of that money to buy the shiny looking Fujihama CG411 last year.

Big Mistake.

Now, don't get me wrong. The CG411 does a good job - at the beginning. After just a few months I've noticed these problems:

  • After a few hours of heavy duty work, the engine just dies off, maybe it's from overheating. 
  • The Allen bolts (hexagon top) keep falling off - or consider the alternative - somebody, God forbid, is removing the bolts...
  • Fujihama CG411 - brush-cutter
  • It is taking longer and longer to start. 
Of these three, the last one is giving me the most headaches. I have replaced the spark plug and tried to clean the inside parts with gasoline before. But after 3 months of not using it, ayaw na talaga mag-start.

Worst is, before whenever I try to start it, I have to press the trigger. Now, even that doesn't work.

I am not a mechanic...are you?

But if you don't want to buy a lot of Biogesic, do not buy the Fujihama CG411. Mahirap magstart, mahirap ang maintenance. It may be cheap (5000 to 6500). But it's not worth it. Even at full throttle it takes a bit of experience to cut the toughest Napier like talahib. Taas muna, tapos utay-utayin hanggang maabot yung ibaba nung damo.

Good for very, very, very light work

If it's good for one thing, it's good for light cutting work - or making a lot of noise. Yung tipong 100 sqm lang ang tatrabahuin mo. But if you're cutting, let's say a one hectare farm or the Star Tollway. Best go for a better professional brush cutter.

If I had more budget, I want to try the brand that says, "We don't sell toys, we produce professional equipment." 

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