I Am a Slave

I just had a horrible epiphany: I am a slave.

I am a slave in this system they created. It is an unnatural system. To them,  I am an account number, a serial number meant to be bilked and squeezed dry by the powers that be. From my birth, I am tagged, categorized and prepared like young livestock to be grown, to be bilked and then to be slaughtered.

As a young child, and while I studied, the system bilked my parents for everything they can squeeze. From the tuition, to the school uniforms, to the food that I ate in the carinderia to every single value they can squeeze from me, they had squeezed from my mama and papa.

A number...
Now, as a grown man, they have my phone number, my address, my picture, my family, my email, my dreams and they know my desires. They would try to sell whatever thing they can try to sell. They would appeal to all of my emotions to get me to want, what they want me to want. When they know that life has taken a rough turn, they would use these emotions, especially fear, so that I will get a loan to buy the things they want me to want.

  • I am afraid to not be accepted by the system's people. So I have to wear fancy clothes.
  • I am afraid for the future, so I have to consume data that "seems" to be in line with the system.
  • I am afraid to not belong, so I have to speak their language.

Otherwise, I am disconnected from that system's realities and advertised benefits.

The Media
Everything is interconnected. Get connected.

Wherever I look, it is a reminder that 

As a Farmer
I have to buy the seeds that they make. Seeds that grow plants and fruits that do not grow more seeds. They do this so that I would be dependent on them. 

The chicks that I buy cannot reproduce, so I have to buy from them again. The feeds that I feed them, comes from the company that would later sell my chickens in the grocery - where everything is overpriced. I am destined to make a small profit from all the hard work, while they continue to sell to me. 

As a Person 
Everything that I need, can be sold to me. They need to sell me my house. They need to sell me the "right" clothes. The "right" shoes. The "right" perfume. They need to sell me food that's not just overpriced, but also laden with all forms and tinges of slavery.  

They can sell that water that I drink. They will then charge me for whenever I go to the bathroom.

They will sell to me the right to be able to speak with my loved ones who are distant. They would this through contraptions that are reliant on the networks they have created.

They will sell to me the right to travel freely. First, the car. Then the right to own a car. Then the gasoline. Then the tollgates. Then the parking. Then when it gets broken. Then the insurance before it gets broken.

They will sell to me, even the soil where my body will remain when I die. They will sell to me the barong I will wear, the coffin and they will rent to me the car that would take me to a place I have never been to before.

If they can sell the sunlight...
They will. If they can sell clean fresh air, they will. They confine us in boxes and uproot us from the soil where we were born - by buying land which used to be our patrimony. They will then claim rights over this, they will build on it and then sell it to us again at more than 500 times its value when they bought it.

If they cannot buy it from us, they will take it from us through the laws that they only know. Most of us would be forced to flee. And in our desperation we would be at the streets begging for their mercy.