I Changed My Mind...

I changed my mind about supporting MDS. Sadly, there are far too many factors that made me re-evaluate my position. As it is she could have been - just like Rodrigo Duterte in her chances to win. I guess it really is the little things that matter - like her support for BBM and her unwillingness to disclose her medical records.

Dare to be wrong.
"I was wrong."
How hard is it to say?
"Nagkamali ako."

Parang 'no-no' in politics and in life. Taboo. We're supposed to be hard headed... "A basta tama ako".
Symptomatic of why things stay the same over here. Because dammit, we are all, always right.
We Filipinos seem to have an obsession with omniscience and perfection. You will seldom hear the admission of frailty - to the point of death.
Because once you admit you are wrong, Filipinos will generally pounce on you. "See! See! We were right all along!"
I remember a well known politician much reviled, and well, she apologized on national television for something... She just said it. "I'm sorry"
She's now in jail, in hospital arrest, house arrest or something... I forgot.
Then, I think about Martial law, and up to now, no apologies are offered. Because you know what will happen next... Just get enough idiots to believe it was right, or did not happen at all... much better than saying, "I'm sorry."
It's damning to know that in Filipino culture, admitting one's mistake, error or frailty is tantamount to weakness. And you know us pinoys - we are never wrong... ‪#‎Pinoypride‬ whoopee.
This carries over to politics to the point that I know people who support gangsters in politics, to the point that I know people who support murderers, to the point that I know people who support proven corrupt politicians, etc.
Because, you know, they're never wrong.
Martial law is not wrong - BECAUSE, murder is not wrong IF, corruption is not wrong IF, etc et ce te ra.
I like taking initiative. How can you make things right, if something's never wrong? How can you change something, if you don't first admit that it needs changing?
I was wrong.
I was wrong in my initial judgment. If MDS will not release those medical records, I would have to reconsider. There. It was not so hard.
The right to privacy is diminished once you run for public office. More so if you are going to run for the highest public office.

Here's a copy of a letter I wrote before I found out that MDS will endorse BBM and will not disclose her medical condition. :(

"Dear Madam President,
Ever since I graduated from the University of the Philippines Baguio as a political science and philosophy major in 2004 - I have not voted. 
It will be my first time and I am already 33 years old.
"Madam President, it was JFK who once said, 'Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.' 
Ako naman po, my question is, 'What can I do to help your Presidency?'
I am at your beck and call. 
Walang political patronage. Walang kapalit na favor o kahit ano. Walang propaganda. Walang rhetoric. No nonsense - just pure support. 

Your track record speaks for itself. 
I believe in your resilience, your impartiality, your honor, your integrity even after all you have been through - to serve this country. 
And yes, Madam President, you have served this country well. 
Now it's our turn to serve you. 
Because I believe, serving you, means serving the Filipino people.
I am here, to serve you as a volunteer. That's all that matters to me. 
You deserved to be the President a long time ago. Now, more than ever, you deserve it this coming 2016. 
Hindi pa po kayo kumakandidato, or nagfile ng Certificate of Candidacy, I already know in my heart and in my soul - that you are my President.
Madam President, may God favor you with His righteousness. 
Mabuhay po kayo. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas. 

Daniel Andrei R. GarciaWriter

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