The 30 Day Condo Challenge

Can you sell a condo in 30 days or less?

I'm starting a challenge / experiment for me (and anybody else) who wants to prove whether it's doable. Do you think it's possible? 
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It's been four months now since I passed the Real Estate Brokers Board Exam in the Philippines. For those of you who know me on Facebook, you'd sometimes get an inkling of how I tend to over-analyze things and not get on selling.

So after four months of no sales, P2,500 spent on online advertisements, I think the question is relevant especially these days. I must be doing a ton of things wrong.

The Challenge
To sell a 1BR Avida Condo in Makati.

The details are here.

The Problem
1. I'm new to this and an introvert who's not very good at sales. 
2. Since it is a resale property, I would be competing with:

  • The developer itself (Avida/Ayala)
    • Big ad spend 
    • Online presence
    • Customer service
    • Paid search placement
    • Social media presence
    • Network of brokers
    • Mall kiosks, flyers
    • Overseas marketing to OFWs and foreign investors
  • Competing developers
  • Competing brokers
  • The owner himself (he's also advertising) 
3. There's also loose whispers going around about the "B" word. (But that's for another blog post.)

The Hypothetical Solutions
1. Think outside the box
2. My own network
3. This blog
4. I dunno, a miracle?

The Reality
To quote from the owner himself, 

"It takes a lot more than praying..."