Mortem Rationis? The End Does Not Justify the Means

Break the Law to Enforce the Rule of Law?

The question is moot and academic as the majority (at least in the polls and in the media) have voiced their antagonizing fanaticism with a resounding 'Yes, crucify him! Crucify him!'.

I can only watch in grave dismay as people even rationalize the very thought. 

Have we really deteriorated, degenerated to such an extent of low level intellectual discourse? Basing from the viewpoints I see on social media and in the dank and putrid comment sections of major dailies, there is not even a hint of 'discourse' to speak of. There's only irrational vitriol, death threats, blind fanaticism and macabre blood thirst. Maybe, this populace has seen too much 'Walking Dead' or 'Game of Thrones'.
"We need 'X' because he loves the country so much."
"X may be a murderer, but X is 'our murderer!"
"We love you X!!!"
I can only bow my head and shudder.  
What scares me the most is that I have seen some "Christians" espousing the same vigorous fanaticism. Extra judicial killing. How macabre and yes, this may offend, un Christian-like. Christ was for tolerance.

Going beyond our animalistic and barbaric instinct to implement the base Lex Talionis.

Surprisingly, I only happened upon the organizational affiliation and existence later on. I only knew of the Latin meaning. 

"Offer the other cheek..." 

Where the natural is to strike back with a tomahawk missile. "Do good to them that harm you", when the natural and easier is for a few thousands to exchange hands to get one of those ride by tandems.  

Have we really kept ourselves in our ivory towers far too long, to not see the deep extent of rubbish that's proliferating the Filipino sea of thought? I surmise the violence on television and the mindless swaying of hips in noontime shows, feigned charity, false sense of vindication and incorrect notions of 'justice' plus the amplification of trending "bad ideas" on social media has exacerbated the psychological illness of base thinking.

I grieve for our nation. Deeply as a matter of fact and in parallel to my own personal circumstance.

Yes this country needs a Messiah, but not the one that they all expect.

I beg to differ as I have been witness to some things, with long stories that speak of the slow decay crunching the skeletal foundations of the Filipino body-politic.

On the other hand ...
I somewhat sense a bigger hand at play. One pertaining to supporters of an amendment of the Constitution. Their endorsement is chilling, yet speaks of an underlying agenda to push forward an alternative mode of government.

There may be some credence for such moves to make the Constitution more adaptable to these difficult times.  Federalism is an idea that has been debated for so long and the lack of political will from previous administrations gallivanting in their Jaguars and material affinity indicates their apathetic nature.

We have bigger problems, and we may be in the cusps of a territorial dispute that would have to be resolved militarily. A court of justice not recognized by a military and nuclear power cannot be solved by "brilliant lawyers".

That is the other side of the coin.

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