Matters of Great Import

Yesterday ruminated
Of the great war contemplated
Dread filled the firmament
Fueled by the fury of the malcontent
With raised arm a salute was outstretched
The outcomes truly were wretched
For they saw them who were ill
Didn’t even have graves - they kept still
Horrors unspeakable
The quest for justice unshakable
Liberation led to vindication
Ending the world’s second great conflagration
And now we are
With our mind ajar
New horrors emerged
In desert skies long submerged
Through disjointed emotions
Twisted notions
Transformed into actions
Bringing new conflagrations
Default is constance in distraction
Most minds in liquefaction
They have not assimilated
Dissimilar paradigms resisted
The future’s unchanged
Revelations estranged
With broadcast improvement
Thus was cemented the discontentment
Pandora’s box unclosed
Reality’s failure juxtaposed
To twisted demons
Unfurled after eons
But after all the dire
There will be a shire
A tiny enclave of hope
A shimmer unseen in scope
There is good report
In matters of great import