Demonic Infestation

"Do you believe in demonic infestations?" I asked my wife earlier out of the blue.

From the tired look in her eyes, I can tell that she was anticipating another long discussion during lunch time. I can also tell that she believes that I may have crossed over from the land of the sane, and quite possibly tiptoeing on the very wide border of insanity.

"Do hear me out and give me a chance," I tried to plead my case.

I followed it up with this, "If such a thing as a demonic infestation is real, they don't go out and about with red skins, tails and horns you know.

I think, they come in the form of the 'prevailing spirit'.

These manifest through people's actions, words and the thoughts that people keep that no one can hear.

When a message is played over and over. When a message or a news item is repeated ad infinitum, regurgitated and spin cycled many times over and echoed across a medium, the thoughts that are spread become so pervasive to the point that they're the last thing you think about before going to sleep - and quite possibly the first thing you read in the morning.

Then subconsciously, they manifest. This is the dangerous part. Because these latent ideas, or hibernating thoughts, are 'just there'. They exist in our minds, and in our long and short term memory, the danger is that they can easily cross over to the realm of the physical.

I tried explaining. "Spiritual matters on its surface, rarely have logical and rational basis, that's why most of us ignore stuff like these."

But if you look at what's going on right now, not just in the Philippines, but all over the world there's a lot of insane things that even a political scientist cannot explain. We humans are curious thinkers and the way we organize our thoughts and structure our beliefs are also curious. We need to categorize and assign a folder for every thought. Just imagine if we had to file 100% of our ideas inside numerous sub folders.

The seemingly 'irrational, unexplainable, unprovable things' are all lump over to the category of 'miscellaneous' or even the 'that's crazy' folders.

But I don't think 100% of that stuff is insane.

Human behavior is not 100% rational and logical. That's what makes the social sciences peculiar in the eyes of the other disciplines. But what I'm doing now, is in some respects 'metaphysical'.

It goes beyond logic, reason and the observable.